How to survive your first day back at work after the Christmas break

As a child, there was no worse feeling than having that horrible tummy-turning ache that you got at 7.00pm the night before you go back to school after the holidays.

You’d think that because it’s the career path you’ve chosen and you get paid to be there, going back to work wouldn’t be half as bad as putting on that dreaded itchy school uniform and having back-to-back English and Maths lessons, but somehow, going back to work is so much worse.

On that positive note, here’s some tips on how to help you get through your first day back at work…

1. Keep the spirit of Christmas still alive

No, this does not mean drinking mulled wine instead of a morning coffee; this means keeping the feeling of togetherness and happiness alive, even if you do have your line manager down your neck pushing you to meet target. Maybe you have some good news that you got over the festive break that you can bring in and share with your work colleagues or even a gift that you got which makes you smile; bring that in and keep it on your desk.

2. Get started on your resolutions

Make a start on your New Year’s resolution. If you have gone for the standard “get fit and healthy”, then download that calorie counter and get started on planning your meals and exercises (On your break of course) and buy yourself a new pretty water bottle that is going to make you want to drink it; then you will soon be on your way to your 8 glasses a day.

3. Go to lunch with your work BFF

Nothing breaks up your never-ending day than a lunch date with your bestie. Chances are that you’re both broke, so keep it cheap and cheerful, or even better, take a packed lunch to the park. If you don’t have a work BFF, there’s one of your new year’s resolutions, GET ONE!

4. Make a list

There’s something about making a TO DO list in the new year; it has to be the perfect time, you’re fresh minded and you have all these new ideas and goals to meet and there’s no better way to tick these off than a new TO DO list. To start with, it might be that you’re making just one per day. As your schedule gets more and more busy throughout January, it might be that your list becomes a weekly one. If you are feeling extra ready for the new year, think about your long-term goals for your career this year and draw out a plan of your goals and objectives.

5. Plan something fun to do this weekend

If work really is that bad and you have holiday blues, remember that at 5pm or whatever time it might be that you finish work on a Friday, you are a free person for the weekend – well for some anyway. Call that friend you didn’t get chance to catch up with over Christmas and make some plans. If money is a problem, you can’t go wrong with Netflix and chill, whatever it is, get it in the diary! Having something to look forward to will make your first week back a lot easier.

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