Comparing the small town and big city corporate lifestyles.

Working within a major city is arguably the most staple characteristic of the average Hollywood depiction of an average corporate slave. There are far more work opportunities in the big city than out in the sticks since there are so many more businesses looking to hire. It’s less of a fight and more of a place full to the brim of opportunities to make yourself.

With that being said, big city corporate life isn’t like working in the small-town and can take some getting used to. It’s a whole different pace of life, and this is coming from someone who has worked in both a small city environment in Worcester, UK as well as the big corporate lifestyle in Sydney, Australia.

In view of this, I decided to share my experience in this blog and shed light to those who have yet to experience it themselves and to those who live it everyday, Hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of it!


On an average day here at SME Broker Services, I either walk to work which takes around 30 minutes, or I’ll get a lift with my manager. Whilst traffic can be a nightmare sometimes, for the most part it’s not bad, especially in this cold weather; it’s much appreciated! If I do decide to walk, it’s actually a very peaceful trek across the River Severn, with gorgeous views of the canals and fields.

When I lived in Australia, I had to commute into Sydney daily via the train which took around 1 hour 30 minutes each way. Luckily I could nap in the mornings which made the commute fly by. Something that happened perhaps once a month which would make me late for work AND put me in a foul mood, was when there were issues as the train pulled into Hornsby station and the driver would make everyone transfer to a different train. Imagine a train FULL of people, suddenly outpouring and trying to get a seat on a different train before you, whilst there are also MANY PEOPLE on that train. Say goodbye to securing your seat. Say goodbye to your morning nap.


In a small-town setting, lunch can be a little bit of a struggle since there aren't a lot of options. Plus, there's the trouble of trying to get to some places if its a little far out, resulting in transportation costs. Luckily, there is always the option of delivery, though this can become a little pricey and become a nuisance when trying to chase others for money on orders.

Most big cities tend to have a variety of tourist attractions dotted around everywhere. This was definitely the case when I was in Sydney. With big cities, you do find a large variety of cuisines, making lunch exciting and different each day. It's lovely being able to visit fun places for lunch and it being your 'everyday life'.


Working in bigger city companies will mean you're limited to being close with your immediate team and the floor you are on. Going to different floors to talk to people can become a little bit intimidating. It's harder to understand the other departments goals, making things difficult when it comes to celebrating each others achievements.

There’s definitely a much bigger sense of community working within a small town since you’re more likely to spend time with everyone at the company at one point or another and there’s more outings as a group. You'll most likely be more invested in the achievements and growth of your peers. What’s interesting with small-town business is that your MD is most likely more approachable due to the team being a lot smaller. Building relationships with other local companies is also a really great aspect of this working lifestyle too. At SME Broker Services, we use #WorcestershireHour on twitter to do this and it’s made us well-known locally.


One thing I loved about working in Sydney was just how many people, like me, were from all over the world and led all kinds of different lives. It made conversation so easy especially since to some people, me being from the UK was super interesting (most mundane thing ever to me mind you). I could talk about seeing the Opera House for the first time, talk about when they visited the UK years ago.

With small business, the chance of working with someone you know is a lot higher, for example, I am currently working with my manager who I went to high school with for 5 years. It’s also to talk about mutual friends or places you all know.


One of the main attractions to working in bigger cities is the perks. In general, big city businesses can offer some very desirable perks that offer both entertainment, like restaurant or cinema discounts, as well as perks that give your well-being some security, such as dental care plans.


Growth is a lot easier in big-city business since the companies tend to be much larger and consist of many teams that need dedicated leaders. It's fairly common, and you tend to stay busier because there's usually a lot more clients.

In small town business, growth isn't a common thing as the companies are already fairly small. What is interesting is that you find yourself wearing different 'hats' and taking on other roles within the company unrelated to your job role. An example being that I give training sessions to new starters on how to use LinkedIn.

With all that being said, this is sadly the last blog post you'll see from me as I move back to Australia at the end of November. Thank you for giving all of my blogs a cheeky read when you should have been working! Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

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