10 Business Skills we can Learn from Cats

It's National Cat Day today! Whether you have a cat or not, there are plenty of things we can learn from them, especially in the world of business (It’s why our mascot, Intellikitty, is a cat after all)! Here’s our list of cat-inspired business skills.

Don’t Stop Meowing until You Get What You Need

Do not be afraid to ask for what you want or need. Cats don’t have this fear. Cats will meow at you the second you come home, follow you around, walk in front you, jump on you, all until they get food. I’m not saying you should walk in front of your boss and meow at them until they give you a pay rise, but don’t be afraid to raise any issues or ideas you may have. Everyone wants to be happy at work, and no one wants anyone else to suffer in silence.

You Have 9 Lives to Learn from Mistakes

Cats are rumoured to have 9 lives, due to their dexterity and agility. They can bounce back from big cat-astrophes and live to fight another day. Adopting this tactic within the business world can apply to a lot of instances. Maybe you just made a huge mess of what could have been a massive sale. Perhaps you had a pretty negative appraisal. Oh well. We live and we learn. You have 8 more lives or attempts in this case to GET OVER IT and come back to the office the next day, reassured and confident in your ability in fixing the issues presented previously.

Only the Best

Our feline friends are notorious for their luxury appeal. It may sound like I am saying that cats walk around with Chanel bags and Gucci sliders, (Which by all means, if you know a cat with Gucci sliders, please send me photos, I’d love to see that) but what I mean is they appreciate the finer things in life and represent a certain lavish lifestyle. When it comes to you and your team, you know what you need to do your job and what would help you do your job with ease. Speak to someone about new software, furniture, tools etc. that will ultimately help you do your job and keep business running smoothly. A well-equipped team produces a high standard of work. Maybe even get in touch with us in regards to some fresh data!

Curious, Fearless Explorers

Never let fear stop you from leaving your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territory. Cats are naturally curious, with the desire to examine their surroundings, learn the way around a place and delve into boxes and bags with the intent to discover something (even if that discovery is simply ‘Can I fit in this?’). When it comes to us, we should never ditch our curiosity instinct and should strive to continue analysing our situations and learning from them too. Albert Einstein summarises this perfectly, when he once said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.”


This one is a fairly obvious one. Something cats have over dogs is that they are very clean. They clean themselves and don’t make much of a mess in the first place. One step to success is motivating yourself to make sure you are presenting yourself in a clean and professional manner. When people are surrounded by those who have the ‘corporate’ look, they tend to want to better themselves to a similar standard. Look after yourself and make sure you’re always dressed to impress for any surprise visits from clients.


No matter how suave and sophisticated a cat may be, there’s an element of playfulness and goofiness that makes an appearance every now and then. Work shouldn’t be boring and corporate ALL the time. A little time for banter, jokes and unrelated-to-work chatter whilst working can lighten the mood and create a more fun atmosphere for everyone to work in, as long as jokes are not made at another employee’s expense. Doing so can ease tensions, de-stress and improve employee relationships within the workplace, creating stronger bonds amongst each other and a more trustworthy relationship.

Patiently Going in for the Kill

Evaluate your sales situation much like a cat who is preying on a mouse would do. It’s ok to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Speaking with a client over the phone with persuasion and patient conversation will keep them on the line longer, making them want to hear what you have to say. Taking time to create these relationships with clients is important for repeat business. Once interest has peaked and the time is right, go ahead and strike, give them the deal they have been waiting to hear from you and make that sale.

Always Landing on Their Feet

It doesn’t matter how badly they stumble, cats are able to land on their feet perfectly (in most situations at least). This is due to a skill they have called ‘cat righting reflex’ where they automatically rearrange their orientation as they fall, allowing them to safely land on their paws. In the workplace, it’s important to be able to know your product inside-and-out so that if by any chance someone throws a question at you, you can answer it very quickly and get back on your feet instead of answering ‘I don’t know’. Take time to learn everything you will need to know about what you are selling, your company's purpose, etc, to avoid any issues.

Mind-set of a Lion

Cats. Are. The. Boss. They don’t care that they’re tiny, they will make you their slave. They have a lion mind-set and aren’t afraid to use it. What is stopping you from doing the same thing? Be your own boss with everything you do, confidently make decisions in the workplace, show some initiative and ultimately, make sure no one takes advantage of your abilities. No matter who you are, you have a lion inside who is waiting to roar.

Take a Cat-Nap

The most important thing we can learn from cats is to relax. Whilst cats tend to sleep during the day as they are crepuscular (meaning they are mostly active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk), it’s fair to say we could do with unwinding just as easily as they seem to be capable of. When work gets stressful, going home at the end of the day should be treated as just that – going home. Away from work. It’s important to look after yourself to ensure you are in better spirits the next day and provide a better service to both your workplace and to yourself. Use weekends to relax and do things you like to do in order to de-stress.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you enjoyed reading it, give one of our other articles a read.

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