5 Benefits to Drinking Coffee in the Workplace

It’s International Coffee Day today! As a majority of us are coffee lovers, we wanted to celebrate with a fresh cup of coffee, as well as dropping some facts we found on why coffee is such a great beverage for office employees to drink.

Become more Alert

The most obvious benefit to drinking coffee is the stimulation the caffeine provides. It assists in making people become attentive and maintains focus, sweeping away the morning sluggishness that can linger upon arrival at work.

Reduces Sleep Deprived Stress

For those who struggle to get a good night’s rest, coffee is the saving grace. Many find that even just smelling coffee can reduce stress levels caused by sleep deprivation – It brings a whole new meaning to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’!

Combats Against Minor Pain

Being sat at a desk for hours on end sucks. It’s no surprise that being in one place all day can cause a little achiness in the muscles or a headache from staring at a screen. Multiple studies show that drinking coffee can reduce pain development, suggesting that caffeine can be a pain moderator of sorts.

Increased Social Activity

A study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology stated that workers who consume coffee have a positive outlook on themselves and others at work. They are far more engaged and more likely to participate in group activities as opposed to those who do not drink coffee. Coffee drinkers tend to converse at the coffee machine or kitchen, promoting social interaction and friendliness based on a common interest.

Can Improve Your Metabolism

In various studies, it’s been discovered that caffeine can increase your metabolic rate – in other words, the rate at which your body will burn calories whilst you aren’t doing much. It’s no substitute for exercise of course, but it’s definitely good to know that your body is burning fat at a higher rate as you’re sat at your desk, sipping on coffee!

Please note whilst there are many positives to drinking coffee, we are not experts – ensure you moderate your caffeine intake because at the end of the day it IS an addictive stimulant. Thanks!

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