LinkedIn now Allows Gif Profile Pictures on your Company Page!

DID YOU KNOW you can now upload a gif as your company page profile picture?

We didn’t! But now we do, we’ve got a snazzy animation on the SME Broker Services page – check it out here if you don’t know what we’re talking about (and click that follow button whilst youre at it)!

In the process of making our profile photo, we didn’t see anything online about the ability to upload gif’s as profile pictures, even from LinkedIn itself, so since we managed to figure it out ourselves, we are writing this blog for you, so you can also use a gif display picture!

(Unfortunately this doesn’t work for personal LinkedIn page profile pictures, so keep this in mind before you spend all the time working on your own picture!)

For this guide, we use Adobe Photoshop, but if you use any other software, there should be a guide on creating gif’s available on the web.

  1. Open up your image editing software and create a 200 x 200 pixel canvas. The reason we went with this size and not the recommended 300 x 300 pixel size that LinkedIn suggests is because were making a gif, so making it smaller means any changes in quality won’t be as noticeable. When making gif’s, it’s to be expected to see a loss in quality due to the animated nature of the image.

  2. Get to creating your gif! It may be useful to commission a graphic designer to take care of this as it can get a little bit tricky if you don’t really know what you’re doing. If you need any graphic design services on a small budget, check out – there are loads of cheap priced design services for your use available.

  3. Export the animation via the SAVE FOR WEB option, select gif dithered (this smooths out the harsh lines that undithered gifs can end up with). Make sure you have selected to animate or else you will be saving only the first frame of your animation!

  4. Upload your new profile picture by going to your company page and clicking on the overview tab. From here, you should see your page with a pencil icon next to the display picture. Click this, and select your new profile picture

  5. Save your changes and you’ve got yourself an animated gif profile photo! Enjoy catching peoples attention on the news feed with your new picture!

We hope this guide has helped you, if you need any additional help, here are some youtube tutorials that may assist you:

Fading effect:

Glitch effect:

Light beam over text effect:

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