5 Tips for Practising Self-Care in the Workplace

It’s no secret that work can be a stressful environment, especially since it is such a fast-paced space where we are expected to be on top form consistently. It’s important that as individuals we learn to recognise when we need to take a moment to reflect on our stress levels and give ourselves the proper care we need in order to maintain happiness and promote productivity.

Here are some ways you can approach practising self-care within the office.

Comfort essentials

You may find confidence or peace of mind knowing that you have everything you may need to make your body feel better at your disposal in the workplace. This applies to items such as hand sanitiser, deodorant, dry shampoo, lip balm, moisturiser, etc. Just knowing you have access to these items and using them throughout the day can evoke happiness, whereas realising you need it and it not being there will bring about stress.

You can purchase travel sized cosmetics and care items from most drugstores, it may be worth investing in a few bits and pieces to have at your disposal in the office.


It's important to catch enough z's at night to maintain a refreshed feeling each morning. Not getting enough sleep can act negativley on both the mind and body, causing you to feel sluggish and lose productivity. The National Sleep Foundation has a handy page to tell you your recommended hours which you can see here.

Tackle small stresses

Things can build up quickly, so it’s always a good idea to tackle small stresses as soon as they come your way, given that you have the time. Putting them off can lead to stress building up and eventually having a full blown panic attack over the workload. Getting issues sorted quickly eliminates any future stress.

Saying no

It’s perfectly find to tell people ‘no’. We put an enormous stress on ourselves to ALWAYS be helpful and to ALWAYS do everything we can for other people that we forget to check in with ourselves and make sure we’re capable of taking on extra work. When facing this issue, always remember you are allowed to decline work if you’ve already got way too much going on. As kind as it is to look after other people, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re doing ok and that you can handle everything thats going on.

Treat yo' self

Whether it be a new work outfit, lunch at the pub or even just a snack, make sure you reward yourself when you feel burned out after working hard. Giving yourself a reward for your efforts will encourage you to continue working hard and will elevate your mood.

What are your best methods of self care in the workplace? Let us know over on LinkedIn!

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