Five Reasons you should utilise blog writing

Blogging is a medium that has been around since the dawn of the internet. Some people have managed to dedicate enough time into it and have built a career solely around blogging. Others do it on the side as a hobby in relation to their interests outside of work. Many businesses have been taking advantage of blogging as another way to get their company name out in the world wide web.

You may be asking yourself “How can I utilise blogging within my company?” or “Why should I bother writing a blog?”. Check out our reasons we believe in the power of blogging below!


The biggest takeaway from writing blogs is that you provide one more way to engage with your audience. Engagement is important because if you want your target audience to do business with you, you need to stand out against your competitors and provide a connection with them on an almost personal level.

Train of Thought

If your goal is to generate more web traffic, this could be a vital medium for you. When people look at blog posts, their general train of though is to read first, then read another article if it piques enough interest. From this point, they may be inclined to take a look at your website. This is the kind of thing you want happening. Through blogging alone, SME Broker Services has gained 400+ additional website viewers this month.


When you make blog posts about specific topics or industries, others interested in those categories will be more inclined to share your writing. This is going to hopefully bring in a LOT of exposure to you and your business. The more likes, comments, shares etc. that something online gets, the more views it gets and in turn, the more likely that even more individuals are going to see your work.


Writing blogs about your specific position gives you a nice little break away from your regular tasks and can prove to be quite a relaxing process. Doing so can eliminate procrastination or low productivity by giving the employee the opportunity to write their own piece about any aspect of their job or industry. This way, the audience may feel relation to the post if they are in the same position and may want to share it themselves or with their co-workers.


Bottom line is, it’s definitely fun and can easily reveal if someone has writing as an additional talent worth utilising! There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing what you are talking about and blog writing is one of the best ways to make use of this knowledge and spreading awareness of your message.

Now you know our five reasons for writing blogs, we challenge you to utilise these and reap all the benefits through blog writing!

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