The 6 best things about being in sales

Sales – it’s one of those jobs that comes with immense stress, yet the rewards can be so very, very rewarding. Here’s our 6 best bits about being in sales;

1. Helping customers you’ve become phone-buddies with.

Next thing, you're getting their full life story and a run-through of what happened on Love Island last night. Standard.

2. The relief of hitting your sales target.

You feel like everyone SHOULD care - They don't, but it doesn't matter anyway.

3. The adrenaline that comes with closing a deal.

That commission bonus is just so close. SO. CLOSE.

4. Bragging rights when you get more sales than your work pals.

They're sick of it, but when it's them who gets more than you the next week, the bragging will be tenfold.

5. Making that legendary sale that everyone talks about for months.

It goes down in company history.

6. Getting fresh data and leads to work with.

Nothing gets everyone more excited than when they have new records to sell to (With that being said, get in touch with us today for any data requirements you may have)!

What are your favourite things about being in sales? Share with your sales pals on LinkedIn!

Images from Giphy.

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