The Importance of Squad Brunch: Why bonding outside of work hours is crucial to your company's s

It’s no secret that team building exercises can be extremely beneficial to a business as a whole. For us, we take part in ‘Squad Brunch’ every Wednesday – although, it’s not really a brunch, since we have it on our lunch breaks. We all walk alongside the river to the local hotel bar and have a really nice extended lunch together, with permission to get an alcoholic beverage too! This gives us an opportunity to chill out and get to know each other, have a laugh and enjoy the sunshine.

Why is this extended lunch time such an important factor in our weekly work cycle? Why should businesses adopt the beauty of Squad Brunch?

Let’s investigate.

1. It’s a fun break from day to day office life.

It essentially breaks the week up into two milestones: Squad Brunch, and the weekend. Having these two things to look forward to creates the illusion that the week isn’t so daunting on a Monday morning.

2. Improves employee engagement.

There are three identified levels of employee engagement. Engaged employees tend to be attached to their job and work with a passion. Non-engaged employees work, but do not possess the energy or passion the engaged employee has, and don’t get much satisfaction or enjoyment from work. The final level of engagement is the actively-disengaged employee, who is unhappy at work and makes it known. Having these weekly get-togethers ensures employees stay connected with one another and creates the bond and drive to do better for one another and improve overall productivity and performance.

3. Talented/key staff WANT to stay.

The happier your staff are in the workplace, the less likely they will be looking for opportunities elsewhere. This is especially important for key staff who hold a valuable and irreplaceable role within the company, as without them there would be a scramble trying to find a replacement. Maintaining the engagement and positive bonding opportunities keeps a bond between employer and employee that makes them enjoy work and not want to leave.

4. Communication and cohesiveness between employees is strengthened.

It’s not just the relationship between employee and employer that’s strengthened; the employee’s relationship with other employee’s is also given an opportunity to flourish and build. This promotes the ability to cohesively work together and eases approachability between themselves.

5. Mitigates against clique’s forming.

Without a designated team lunch day, staff would organise their own group lunches on random days and they’d likely only invite their immediate colleagues as opposed to the entire company. With the designated group lunch day it creates a more inclusive ethos where everyone is encouraged to associate with each other.

The bottom line is, it’s just a fun way to get to know your co-workers. It’s an opportunity to get away from work-related chatter, get out of the workplace and goof off a little. The main benefit here is the happiness of employees.

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