The Contactless Takeover: 5 Reasons why People are Preferring Chip & Pin Devices to Cash

It’s no secret that contactless payments are becoming increasingly popular. Recently, BBC News reported that debit card payments had officially overtaken cash payments - most likely due to the increasing contactless technology.

But don’t take it from me; We’ve asked Trinity Graydon, an administrator here at SME Broker Services who loves to use contactless payments, to give us her top 5 reasons for preferring chip and pin devices.

1. Apple/Android/Google Pay

“It’s so much more comfortable going to the shop without thinking I’ve forgotten something - If I have my phone, I’ll be ok since I can just pay for things with Apple Pay. It eliminates the need to grab my handbag, when I can just get up and go to the shop since like most people, I always have my phone on me.”

2. Don’t carry cash

“Since all these contactless payment methods are getting popular, it’s just SO much easier to not worry about having cash on me. Even the local busses accept card payments now, I just don’t feel the need to have any on me for everyday needs.”

3. Quick and easy

“The amount of time saved just tapping the chip and pin device with your card to pay is amazing, I love how easy and simple it makes things when you're in a bit of a rush. It's probably super helpful for people with their hands full with maybe their kids or lots of bags.”

4. More flexible in the amount spent

“I am limited to how much I can potentially spend. If I walked into a shop with only £10 in my purse, that’s all I can spend. It’s always awkward to be at the shop counter with loads of coins trying to count out how much you need. You hold up queues and if by any chance you haven’t brought enough money with you, you may have to put something you wanted back on the shelf. Having a card makes things so much easier, and I am free to spend a little extra if I need or want to.”

5. Pay over the phone if needed

“I’ve been able to pay for some printing for work over the phone which made things easier for everyone as we could pick up the work on the way to work without having to borrow the company card or anything like that.”

For more information regarding chip and pin devices for your business, please get in touch today on 01905 700 159, or alternatively, send us a message at today.

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