As a business energy broker our number one focus is ensuring that our clients experience a completely smooth switch process, we will often advise that our clients stay with their existing supplier if we can negotiate a cheaper tariff on their behalf, we will also advise if there is an opportunity to take up a cheaper tariff with an alternative supplier out of the multitude of suppliers that we work closely in conjunction with. Throughout this process we pride ourselves on our impartial stance from start to finish.


We find that SME's who are not huge users of energy tend to get scrutinised for that very reason in terms of what prices and benefits they're offered. Our angle and approach to that is different in the sense that we will take a handful of businesses in one geographical location or industry and include all of the usages in to a bulk buy basket, which enables everyone within that to see savings that they would not otherwise have been able to achieve. Some of our clients see up to 40% deductions on their annual utility spend as a direct result of the scheme.