An Overview


SME Broker Services Limited was founded in February 2016 specialising as a broker for business essential services, aiming to reduce the expenditure of UK Small to Medium sized Enterprises.


We concentrate all of our efforts as a broker on the areas where we believe to be significant overheads for businesses. Offering bespoke procurement and solutions at a price significantly lower than the market average. Our function is to reach out to the commodity markets on behalf of our clients; in order to retrieve the options that have the best cost optimal for their requirement.


We work closely alongside businesses to evaluate their needs, helping lower overall expenditure, in doing this we are able to secure watertight and structured solutions with real and measurable upside. 




Basic Principles


The long-standing and trustful relationships we have with our clients are based on the methods we use to enhance both their cost saving capacity and efficiency, which we continually tweak to match the changing requirements of the market.


The continuous reciprocal traffic of knowledge and experience between us and our clients forms the basis of the success of our consulting projects. We are proud to ensure that any changes are completely smooth and seamless no matter how big the task.