ABOUT SME Broker Services International Ltd


A fashionable, contemporary and forward-thinking, 2020 brokerage for business essential resources/services, with an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse.


We offer bespoke brokering for large enterprises while enabling that same associated privilege of buying power to SME’s (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), SME Broker Services are practicing intelligence in procurement across broad verticals as an umbrella service, brokering any and all commercial expenditure in addition to B2B outsourcing, offshoring and process development internationally.


A key differentiator which underpins and underwrites every area of operations at SME Broker Services is INSIGHT/DATA-DRIVEN strategic information which benefits our clients with either expense reduction or outbound client acquisition activities.


We acknowledge that data has recently overtaken oil as the most valuable asset on the planet - we activate the agent for that.


Both ourselves and our clients are empowered with the use of our unique data services, to target prospects more likely/inclined to act upon products/services offered, our data lists are tailored to suit the most idealistic audience - with a conjunction of SIC, credit worthiness, geography, headcount or even industry specific fields such as contract/warranty end dates as well as any and all desirable information conceivable.


Both our data and insight are manufactured using wide ranges of intricate and intelligent methods, comprising vast trade secret sources, proprietary algorithmic systems and multi-phase manual procedures.


There is very rarely any data imaginable which we cannot obtain for our clients to weaponise for the most fruitful marketing, directed at the lowest hanging fruit, whether that be by postal, email, social media, telephone intensive customer acquisition or even simple insight and analysis objectives, all while also complying with GDPR 2016/679 at the most renowned and concentrated due diligence scale.